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Special Agent Teddy


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Name: Bruno
Favourite Food: Cherry Tomatoes
Favourite Story: Velveteen Rabbit
Favourite Song: Humpty Dumpty
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Name: Ted
Favourite Food: Baby Cucumbers
Favourite Story: That's Not My Teddy
Favourite Song: Teddy Bears' Picnic

These teddies are available to loan as part of our Individual Teddy Deluxe Spa Treatments 

Our team of beautiful Gund Brand teddies are highly trained in the art of cuddles and comforting and are ready to watch over your favourite human while you're enjoying some much deserved pampering.

As members of the renowned Teddy Special Forces and the FBI (Furry Bears Inc), our bears are the best in their field and have been selected for their expertise in bedtime snuggles and keeping bad dreams away.


Taking their assignments very seriously, and working with a fluffy passion in everything they do, our team can handle tantrums, thunder storms, grazed knees and daycare dramas.

Undergoing a gruelling training regime, these agents have endured endless hours of cuddles, snuggles, tea parties, super hero adventures, car trips and shopping trips. 

All agents have an advanced diploma in the essential course "When Tiny Friends Keep Intermittently Displaying Dramatically Overwhelming Scenes", more commonly known by parents as WTF KIDDOS?! An invaluable skill set for managing those meltdowns that only a trained teddy can understand.


When one of our Special Agents is looking after your favourite little human, you can truly relax, knowing they are in the very best hands while you're away.

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Name: Fluffy
Favourite Food: Strawberries
Favourite Story: Going On A Bear Hunt
Favourite Song: I'm A Little Teapot
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Name: Fuzz
Favourite Food: Blueberries
Favourite Story: Little Brown Bear
Favourite Song: Twinkle Twinkle 

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