Other Services

Express Service Option

If you need your items back sooner than our usual 5 working days for prams and 3 working days for car seats, then we have an Express Service Option which may suit you better...

Prams Express Service Fee  

$30 for 3 day turnaround

Car Seat and Capsule Express Service Fee

$20 for 24hr turnaround

These services are subject to availability and fees are charged in addition to the cleaning fee.

Please advise at the time of booking if you would like to use these services.

 EXPRESS Currently unavailable due to high demand

Cleaning of Other Items

High Chairs, Portacots, Bassinets, Bouncers, Cot Mattresses, Foot Muffs, Insect Covers, Rain Covers, Baby Carriers, Nappy Bags.... whatever you need cleaned, Pure Prams can help you.

Send us details and some photos of your item and it's condition and we can give you a quote to having it looking as good as new again.

And please check out our link to The Teddy Spa for bulk soft toy cleaning and allergen treatment, or deluxe spa treatments for the most precious soft toys in your family.


Storage Kits

Look after the investment you have made in quality baby items and always make sure you store them correctly!

Storing your pram, car seat or other gear correctly can save it from pests, vermin and mould, and save YOU from stress, expense and the health risks associated with mould.

Always store your items freshly cleaned, completely dry, in a sealed bag with moisture absorbing products.

Store them in a clean, dry area, out of direct sunlight and check on them regularly. We have seen many instances of mould growing on items that were left uncovered, even indoors, during periods of high humidity. Mould can begin growing in as little as a week.

We sell storage kits to make the proper storage of your items easier. Remember to only ever pack and store a clean, completely dry pram or car seat.


Storage Kit Prices

One Bag Kit    $13

Two Bag Kit    $23

Three Bag Kit $33

Each kit consists of:

XLarge heavy duty clear plastic bags (1015 x 1525 mm)
2 x large silica gel sachets per bag supplied

1 x re-usable cable tie per bag supplied

Please note: The Puremark Group cannot be held liable for any mould growth that occurs on items in storage, or using storage kits and products supplied by us.

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Vomit Rescue Service

If your little one has been sick or suffered a poo-nami of catastrophic proportions (we've been there!), you need to get the pram or car seat cleaned as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more difficult and therefore more expensive, it will be to treat.

If you would like some advice over the phone of how best to clean and sanitise your pram or car seat yourself, give us a call- we are happy to assist. But if you'd prefer to put it in a garbage bag and drop it off to us, we can deal with it for you.

Pram Vomit Rescue Service Fee

Single Pram $30

Double Pram $45

Car Seat Vomit Rescue Service Fee

Standard Turnaround $25

Express Turnaround + Vomit/Soiling $40

Subject to availability. Fees are charged in addition to standard cleaning fee.