By using the services of Pure Prams ABN 18593643350, to clean your Stroller, Pram, Child Restraint, Bassinet or other equipment (“item”) you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) which may change from time to time without notice.

(updated 13/7/21)
These measures are being put in place for the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers and their families.


  • All pick ups, drop offs, collections and exchanges of items being cleaned must be contactless. If you are unable to facilitate this at your residence or when dropping off and collecting items from one of our locations, then our staff will wear masks and gloves to receive your items and ask that you remain in your vehicle, or maintain at least 1.5m social distancing at all times.

  • If you or a member of your household have any cold or flu like symptoms, if you have been in contact with a sick person or someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or have visited a known hot spot, please contact us to re-schedule your booking. No cancellation fees will apply under these circumstances.

  • For the safety of our staff and their families, as they are taking your items into their home, all items will be sprayed with a solution of 80% Ispoproyl alcohol prior to being taken inside after being received. This will not affect your fabrics or surfaces in any way and will evaporate completely prior to the items being professionally cleaned.

  • After treatment, cleaning and drying, your items will be placed into a large plastic bag and a date and time of sealing will be noted on the bag. The advice that we have received from medical professionals advises that if the bag is left closed for 72 hrs after sealing, any incidental infectious micro- droplets that may have been inadvertently transferred to your items by our staff (in the very unlikely event that they are infectious but don't realise it), will have died off, and your items will be safe for use. This 3 day window also allows extra time for us to contact you in the very unlikely event that one of our staff members develops symptoms and tests positive for Covid-19 in the days following your items being cleaned.

  • If you choose to open and use your items prior to the 3 days that we recommend, please refer to advice from The World Health Organisation or https://www.webmd.com/lung/how-long-covid-19-lives-on-surfaces. We want to do all we can to keep you and your family safe!

  • For added protection when opening and using your freshly cleaned items, you may wish to wipe them down with anti- bacterial wipes or sit them in the sunshine for a few hours. 

  • If our team member or a member of their household becomes unwell, visits a Covid hotspot or tests positive for Covid before your booking commences, we will contact you to re-schedule. If this occurs during the time that your items are in the care of our team member, we will have them disinfected, transferred to another site and re-cleaned for you. You will be advised of this if it occurs. If our team member or a member of their household becomes unwell or tests positive for Covid-19 in the 3 days following the service of your items, we will contact you immediately and arrange the disinfection and re-cleaning of your items for no additional charge, as an extra measure of protection for you and your family.

  • As at 13/72021, Pure Prams has been advised by Service NSW that we are permitted to continue providing service to our customers under these conditions if the service is urgent, necessary and a matter of health and hygiene for our customers. If your booking is not urgent, you don't have a baby due or don't need your items in the next few weeks, please delay booking for a time when lockdown restrictions have ended. 

  • Pure prams will make every reasonable effort to have your items completed within the quoted time frame, however will not be held liable for any delays.

  • If you are un-contactable or unresponsive to contact by Pure Prams and therefore your items cannot be returned to you within the quoted time frame, you are not entitled to any compensation for a delay in receiving your items. Should you remain un-contactable or unresponsive to contact by Pure Prams for a period of 90 days or more from the quoted date of completion, your items may be disposed of at the discretion of Pure Prams and Pure Prams will not be held liable for any loss you may suffer as a result of such action.

  • In a “Full Clean” service, fabrics and surfaces that come into direct contact with your child or baby are cleaned with soap and regular domestic laundry products.

  • In a “Mould Treatment” service, the same products are used as in a Full Clean, in addition to a vinegar based solution and some items may require the use of an oxygen-based bleaching agent (non-chlorine based) and/or diluted bleach for spot stain removal.

  • The process to remove stains often requires scrubbing of the fabric. This process may result in visible wear to the fabric and you accept this outcome as a consequence of the cleaning process. Where Pure Prams determines that application of stain removal or scrubbing will compromise the integrity or functionality of the fabric, or any part of your item, then the process may be ceased at the sole discretion of Pure Prams and complete stain removal may not be achieved. Pure Prams therefore does not guarantee that every stain can be removed from any particular item.

  • All items are thoroughly rinsed to ensure the removal of any cleaning product residue.

  • Pure Prams cannot be held liable or responsible for pre-existing weaknesses or defects in items (such as sun fading or deterioration of fabrics or plastics) which may result in tears or holes in fabric that are not readily apparent prior to cleaning by Pure Prams. Pure Prams cannot guarantee, and hereby specifically excludes, any liability for any colour loss, colour bleeding, shrinkage, damage to weak and tender fabrics or components including aged or brittle plastics, oxidized (rusted) metals, joints or moving parts. Whilst all care is taken, items containing inherently delicate materials such as leather, suede and vinyl are cleaned by Pure Prams entirely at your own risk.

  • Tyre inflation is provided as a complimentary service. You must advise Pure Prams at the time of booking if you do not want the tyres inflated. If a tyre will not inflate properly due to existing damage or fault then Pure Prams may cease efforts (at its sole discretion) to inflate the affected tyre(s). No refunds or compensation will be provided in cases where tyres are unable to hold air pressure due to existing weakness, damage or worn parts.

  • Whilst all care is taken and user manuals are consulted, Pure Prams takes no responsibility for the assembly or reassembly of any items including their sub-components such as wheels, tyres and inner tubes, webbings, fabrics, straps, clips, fixings, accessories, baskets, harnesses or restraint belts and buckles. Pure Prams takes no responsibility for the safe assembly, installation and use of any items (including child restraint seats, boosters and infant carriers).

  • The safe assembly, installation and use of any items (including child restraint seats and infant carriers) are your responsibility and you should check all items for safety and functionality prior to use.

  • Pure Prams liability with respect to any damage to items directly caused by Pure Prams will be limited to the lesser of the cost of Pure Prams repairing the damaged item(s) or that amount being six (6) times Pure Prams charge for cleaning that item irrespective of its brand or condition at the time of delivery to Pure Prams. No claims for damages will be recognised unless you advise Pure Prams in writing (email or Facebook message is acceptable) of the same within 24 hours of receiving your item back from Pure Prams.

  • Pure Prams hereby specifically excludes any liability or responsibility for any change to or damage caused to your items in the future due to the conditions or packaging in which the items were stored including development of mould, damage caused by moisture or temperature variations or damages caused by pests or vermin.

  • If for any reason a refund is due to you, Pure Prams will undertake to directly refund the money to you in cash or by direct debit to your nominated Australian bank account. Any prices or fees quoted for the provisions of any services by or on behalf of Pure Prams are subject to change without notice.

  • Pure Prams reserves the right to charge extra for any additional work that Pure Prams is required to carry out as a result of any incorrect selection or other error made by you during the booking process, or as a result of you agreeing to services being carried out in addition to those initially quoted.

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with the services provided to you by Pure Prams, then Pure Prams will, at its own choosing, either re-clean your item(s) again at no cost to you, or fully or partially refund your money (in cash or by direct debit to your nominated Australian bank account). This guarantee only applies where you advise Pure Prams in writing (email or Facebook message is acceptable), including photos of your item(s), within 24 hours of you receiving your item(s), that you are not satisfied with the services provided by Pure Prams.

  • Prior to delivering your item to Pure Prams, you are required to remove all personal belongings or valuables from your item(s), including anything in storage pockets or baskets. If any personal or valuable belongings are found in your item(s), Pure Prams will return them to you when you collect your item(s). Pure Prams is not responsible or liable for any personal or valuable belongings that you leave in your item(s).

  • All due care is taken by Pure Prams in handling your item(s) and to keep them safe and secure. However, it remains possible that an instance may occur where an item may get misplaced or lost. We therefore ask that you advise Pure Prams of any issues within 24 hours of first receiving your cleaned items so that Pure Prams may investigate the matter and make a determination. Pure Prams liability in regards to any misplaced or lost item shall not exceed six (6) times Pure Prams charge for cleaning that item irrespective of its brand or condition at the time of delivery to Pure Prams. Any claim for loss or damage of any kind to your item must be made within 24 hours of your item being returned to you.

  • Cancellations of a booked service must be advised at least 24hrs before the appointment time, or a full fee will be charged. In the case of illness or extenuating circumstances, please advise as soon as possible so we can re-schedule your booking for a suitable time.


Reviewed 07/2021