Attention All Soft Toys!

When was the last time you had a good wash?

Being the favourite teddy can be a demanding job!

You deserve a break and some "me time", just as much as the next bear. Here at The Teddy Spa, we understand the unique needs of the favourite teddy and we know how to care for you so when you go home, you look and smell your very best.
And more than that, we'll help you take care of your insides too, with our gentle but scientifically backed dust mite and mould spore treatments. You're going to feel as good as you look!

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Soft Toy Cleaning


Allergen Treatment

Extra Special Care


Extra Special Friends

Are you and the gang in need of a refresh?

Have you been lying around collecting dust in the toy box and feeling like it's time for a detox?
Here at The Teddy Spa, you can book in as a group for a package deal on our cleaning and allergen treatments. 
We'll have you washed, and treated for dust mites and mould spores, while you enjoy a great day of team building activities with your tribe.

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