Media Release Sept 2021


Pure Prams Rolls Out it's newest baby, Pure Wheelchairs


Kate Hughes’ life changed for the better when, one day in 2017, a friend gifted her a business. Shocked and humbled, Kate promised to honour her friend’s generosity by building the business and ensuring the success of Pure Prams, a car seat and pram cleaning service based in Sydney’s North West. 

Kate kept her promise.

Over the next few years, she worked tirelessly. As a single mum to 4 young kids, Kate juggled motherhood and a growing business, working days, nights, and weekends until she had no choice but to bring on casual staff.

Kate’s hard work and tenacity have paid off- Pure Prams is now one of Sydney’s most highly regarded pram and car seat cleaning companies.


However, Kate noticed an unmet need when people approaching her to deep clean wheelchairs had to be turned away as she didn’t have the equipment, time, or process to take them on. Since wheelchairs can’t be dropped off and left for a few days like car seats or prams, Kate felt unable to help. 

Most of the people approaching her were mothers of wheelchair users, and Kate learnt that users and carers often don’t have the time for anything more than a simple wipe down since the wheelchairs are used most of the day.

The idea that wheelchair users spend so much time in an immediate environment that cannot be deep cleaned regularly bothered Kate and played on her mind. 

As the daughter of parents who went out of their way to help others during their long-held careers, Kate’s innate need to help people left her with the feeling that she needed to do more.

Talking about herself and her siblings, she says, "I think it's in our blood to be helpers, as my siblings and I have all moved into a variety of positions in our work life, where our fulfilment comes from helping others".

The more she thought about it, the more Kate realised that onsite, deep sanitisation of wheelchairs was a gap in the market that needed to be fulfiled, and Kate decided to take the plunge and create Pure Wheelchairs.

Pure Wheelchairs is the first business of its kind in Sydney, and Kate has gone out of her way to ensure the very best service for this project, which is so close to her heart.

"For wheelchair users, they often talk about their chair being an extension of their body and a tool enabling them to achieve greater independence and freedom. What a privilege to be able to provide people with a clean and fresh chair, with minimal stress and fuss for them".

Pure Wheelchairs is a business designed and built around the needs of those who aren’t able to access another service like this with ease, and Kate’s mission is to ensure that she continues to listen and grow according to the needs and requests of her clients.

Pure Wheelchairs is mobile, fully insured, WHS compliant, and equipped to clean all mobility equipment- all they need is access to a powerpoint within 15 metres to make these wheelchairs sparkle like new. All processes are manufacturer compliant, ensuring the client doesn’t risk their warranty when using the service. 

While Kate is currently working privately with users, she hopes to connect with local hospitals, schools, group homes, and more private users. Pure Wheelchairs is in the process of becoming NDIS registered, but for clients who self manage their NDIS funding or are plan managed, their services are claimable.

Kate’s passion has made it possible for wheelchair users to access a service that will allow them to feel fresh and polished in the space that is as much a part of them as the smiles on their faces.

All inquiries: Kate Hughes 0410 614 183